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6N High IQ Society

Network for Nous, Noesis, Noema, Noology and Novelty

6N arises from the words Network for Nous, Noesis, Noema, Noology and Novelty, terms which are closely related to human cognition and intelligence. 6N also stands for the 6 Nines which are included in the 99.9999th percentile, the cut-off IQ level for joining the society as a full member. 6N High IQ Society full members have a verified IQ of 172 sd15, an intelligence performance expected only by 1 in 1,000,000 individuals of the general unselected adult population, which places them in the top 0.0001 %. 6N High IQ Society has been created with two main goals: the systematic research on human cognition and the constant effort for further development of human intelligence.

Feel free to try our certified online IQ tests VAST and VICE (links below).

Use your results for admission to 6N and get 50% off your membership fee.

Verbal Ability Standardized Test (VAST)

Verbal Intelligence Cognitive Examination (VICE)